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LNG Carriers

LNG Carriers

Handling boil-off gas safely and with high reliability

The GCU (Gas Combustion Unit) developed by SAACKE makes it possible to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG) safely and reliably at sea. It recycles all excess boil-off gas while ensuring maximum availability. The plant is based on proven SAACKE swirl burner technology and guarantees the lowest emission values as well as minimal maintenance costs over its entire service life.

Each GCU combines a swirl burner with an air-cooled steel combustion chamber. Regardless of capacity, all components are designed so compactly that the entire plant fits in an area the size of the ship's funnel, thus saving valuable space on board. It has several energy-saving fans, can be ignited by either oil or gas and can be brought to full load in just a few minutes.

Combustion itself is always absolutely stable, even under adverse conditions, and makes complete use of the gas in the process. If necessary, a second gas (for example an additional vent gas) can be burned in parallel or alternatively. The GCU even uses gases with calorific values as low as 5 MJ/m³ without a support fuel, reliably achieving values below even strict emission limit values.

If the single capacity of 7.5 t/h is not sufficient, several GCUs can be combined easily. No matter which variant is used in which design, all work perfectly together with all other SAACKE components and burner control systems, forming the backbone of reliable gas combustion on LNG tankers.