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Water Tube Boiler

For water-tube boilers SAACKE offers individual burners as well as fittings, burner control systems and complete solutions. You will find the right products and services for a new plant or for modernizing your existing plant with SAACKE.

Shell Boiler / Flame Tube Boiler

SAACKE's products for operators of shell boilers include standardized burners for a wide range of fuels, from conventional to special. SAACKE also offers customized complete solutions and various measures for modernizing and increasing the efficiency of your plant.

Thermal Oil Heater

SAACKE offers you burners for use with thermal oil heaters which can be operated with an extremely wide range of fuels, from heavy oil to light oil and natural gas as well as gaseous and liquid by-products. All these fuels can be used with SAACKE burners to burn with low emissions and high energy efficiency.


A GTA additional combustion system between the turbine and waste heat boiler recycles the residual oxygen in the turbine fuel gas. It improves the fuel efficiency of the plant to more than 90%. SAACKE has many years of experience in this field and offers a wide range of proven solutions.


Marine Boiler Plants

SAACKE delivers reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat generating plants for seagoing vessels, offshore plants and LNG carriers. Our range of products includes standardized and customized systems.

Offshore technology (FPSO)

SAACKE offers boiler/burner systems for newbuildings and individual retrofits from a single source. A team of experts manages the project from start to commissioning. Our know-how and the quality of our products ensure maximum availability, trouble-free operation and utmost plant efficiency.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning

SAACKE’s scrubber system provides an efficient solution for the elimination of up to 99 percent SOX and solid particles from exhaust gases emitted by ships. The system is available as an open and hybrid water cycle and enables live monitoring of all relevant system data.

Modernisierung von Kesselanlagen

Dealing responsibly with fossil fuels is more important than ever today. It follows that a modern firing plant must extract as much output power as possible from the available fuel. This requires a high level of efficiency!

Drying Processes

Drying processes offered by SAACKE include hot gas generators and matching burners for an extremely wide range of fuels. SAACKE has decades of experience in firing for drying processes and is able to offer you the right low NOx solutions and highly efficient hot gas generators for standard and special fuels.

In view of stricter ecological requirements, SAACKE places special emphasis on the use of alternative fuels. By-products or residues from industrial processes with both high and low calorific values can be used to produce energy with SAACKE burners.

SAACKE's portfolio includes a series of control components and systems which can be used for plant automation.  All these systems have one thing in common: they ensure maximum ease of use and operational safety.

SAACKE has developed over the years from being strictly a supplier of products and systems to plant engineering. SAACKE is your single source for all thermal processes – turn-key solutions, subassemblies or plant components – from conventional firing to thermal use of special fuels.

Waste Air Purification

The SAACKE product portfolio includes both individual and complete solutions for waste air purification with simultaneous energetic use in disposal of exhaust air and exhaust vapors. The main goals are to minimize the energy requirement for heating the exhaust air and reduce the relevant emission values.